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Semi Enclosed One Seat Comfortable Cushion | Pain Reliever

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Perfect Fit With Any Kind of Chair! Take a load off and Rest Anywhere!!!!! The Semi-Enclosed One Seat Cushion, is ideal for sedentary people AND effectively reduces the discomfort of sitting for extended periods. It helps relieve sciatica, tailbone and even back pain.


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The Semi Enclosed One Seat Comfortable Cushion protects your spine, keeping your back warm in winter.

Soft and fluffy, it will not deform over time.  

It features a Comfortable non-slip chair back 

cushion and a non-slip bottom & strap 

design to keep the cushion in place. 

The super-soft chair pad provides excellent 

back support and relieves common symptoms 

due to body weight pressure. 

It eliminates and helps with sciatica relief, 

back pain, and more. 

The cushion is Multi-purpose and easy to 

clean and maintain.

It is the perfect solution for sedentary people. 

Perfect for chairs at home, work or when traveling. 


Super Soft Chair Pad

Easy to Maintain

Soft & Fluffy

Strap Design


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